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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wilton Course 3, Final Tiered Cake

I began working on this cake long before the day of class. The first step was to make LOTS of fondant roses in a variety of sizes. I had searched online and found several cakes that I was inspired by. The cake consisted of a 6" round cake on top of a 10" round cake. Each cake was approximately 4" high. I covered both of the cakes in Fondant, and then did some scroll work with white Royal Icing. I placed a white fondant ribbon along the bottom of each cake, and then had a white fondant ball border at the base of each cake.

I really enjoyed making the roses and look forward to using them again in the future. I look forward to making them in a variety of colours too.

This was the first tiered cake that I have made. I am quite happy with the results but look forward to making more in the future to use some of the new skills that I learned.

I had used dowels to support the tiers of this cake, but I decided that I would like to use the pillars that I had gotten in my course kit, just to try something different. This was the result:

Another time I would have more roses to place on top of the bottom cake, but I was simply using the flowers from the original cake.  I decided to reorganize the flowers to make a cake similar to the one that is shown on the Course 3 Booklet. Again, I used the same cakes, not with the pillars, and made the following cake. It just goes to show the variety of cakes that are available with very similar features.

I look forward to one day being able to create a cake for someone's special occasion!

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