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Friday, May 25, 2012

Rockford, Illinois

We lived in Rockford during the 2009/2010 hockey season at the Pembrook Place Apartments.  It was a nice, quiet, residential area.  There was a nice little gym facility as well as an outdoor pool.  Since we were there during the winter, we sadly did not get to take advantage of the pool, but it was a nice outdoor space.

I enjoyed Rockford in that everything was easy to get to.  Having lived in Toronto the year before, it was nice to be in a place that I felt comfortable navigating my own way around from day one.  The CherryVale Mall was a great place to spend an afternoon, and a little money!   There are lots of great stores to choose from, with a little bit for everyone. 

It was in Rockford that I took the Wilton Cake Decorating classes at Michaels Craft Store, which ultimately led to me starting this blog.  I would highly recommend these classes to everyone.  There are lots of great craft stores all within a few blocks of each other, and I made many trips to them!

Rockford had a lot of great restaurants that I miss to this day.  If you are ever in Rockford, check out Macianos if you like Italian, or JMK Nippon if you like hibachi/sushi.  We ate here a lot and I dream of it to this day!  Shogun is another delicious Japanese restaurant.  Dowtown you will find the gem Abreo, that serves the most delicious tapas.  Culvers is a fast food chain in this area, and their frozen custard is delicious!!  They also have really good burgers.

Rockford is home to the Rockford Icehogs hockey team.  If you are there in the winter, make sure to take in a game and cheer for the locals.  Here are some photos that we took at a Pet Photoshoot we did as a fundraiser that season.

There is not a lot of touristy things to do in Rockford, but they do have some parks.  One of my favourites was Aldeen Park.  During the winter, it is a great place to go sledding.  They also have a really cool graffiti wall, which I used for the background of a photoshoot that I did with a friend.

While living in Rockford, we made a few trips into Chicago, which is an amazing city, with so much to see!  Stay tuned for an upcoming post with some of my favourite places in Chicago!

Have you ever been to Rockford?  I would love to know your favourite thing to do there or your favourite restaurant.

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