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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Football Oreo Truffles

I first got to taste an oreo truffle at a Super Bowl Party last January.  They were delicious and everyone wanted the recipe...yet I never did get it!  So, I decided to do a Google search and came up with a few recipes like the one found here: http://www.food.com/recipe/easy-oreo-truffles-186726

This past weekend my husband's hockey team and a bunch of the wive's & girlfriend's went to an OU football game.  There were over 85, 000 fans at the game- what an experience!  Of course we went early and did some tailgating, so I decided to make some Oreo Truffles to take along.  I was inspired by several posts on Bakerella's website to make them into the shape of footballs.

First, crush whole Oreo cookies in a food processor.

Empty the crumbs into a bowl.

Mix in a package of cream cheese.  I used a spoon and my hands when needed.

Shape the mixture into balls, or in this case, mini-footballs.

Now, this is where I need more practice!!  I melted the chocolate almond bark in a pot on the stove and then poured it into a small bowl.  I dipped the footballs in chocolate and then set them on wax paper to dry.  I tried to dip them with a toothpick and then hold them to dry a bit but they started to break apart.  Next time, I will put them into the fridge for a while to make them a little harder.  Since I set them down wet, the chocolate dripped down and formed a flat bottom.  Maybe if I wouldn't have been making them at 10:30 at night I would have taken more time.  I placed them in the fridge to harden the chocolate quicker.

Once they cooled, I used a knife to very carefully cut away some of the flat base.  Next, I melted some white almond bark in the microwave and placed it in a decorating bag, cutting off the tip.  I cut the whole a little big so the laces turned out a little messy too.  I drew one line down the middle and then three smaller lines across it.

The mini-football Oreo truffles were a HUGE hit and the football game was a blast with Oklahoma taking home a big win!  The truffles may have been referred to as 'heaven' and I may have a few orders for the next road trip! 

Mmmmmm! Delicious!


  1. Very cute!!! I never would have thought of shaping truffles...you are so creative!

  2. Thanks Kori, but I can't take credit for the creativity. You must check out Bakerella.com. Amazingly creative lady! I want to try everything she has on here website.


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