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Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 3: Kaanapali

After the early morning on day two, we all wanted to sleep in on day three.  We packed ourselves a picnic lunch and headed north about twenty minutes to Kaanapali.  This area has a great beach and has lots of resorts.  I was so excited to get to spend the day on the beach and in the water.

We decided to go parasailing with West Maui Parasail.  We chose to do the 1200 ft Tandem Ride which cost $160.  I try not to worry about how much things cost when I am travelling as these are one in a lifetime opportunities.  We located West Maui Parasail on the beach under their umbrella, and were then taken out to the main boat on a smaller one.  We were travelling with another couple, and it was only the four of us on the boat, which was great.  One of the workers used to live in Canada so it was great getting to talk with him.

I was expecting parasailing to be scary, but the anticipation was the worst part.  You have got to love my facial expressions when we first left the boat, but I promise it was not that bad.  Next time I will have a smile on my face, since I will know what to expect.

Once we got to the top (approximately 50 stories above the ocean), it was such a peaceful experience, and the views of West Maui were amazing. 

On the way down, you can choose if you want a wet landing or a dry landing.  They gave us something inbetween, as they can put you chest deep in the water if you want, or bring you back on board without getting wet at all.  Next time I might choose to go a little bit deeper.  I know, I am such a rebel ;).

All four of us thoroughly enjoyed our experience.  We opted to have the guys on board take pictures for us on our memory card, so it only cost us $15.  They have t-shirts and other memorabilia that you can buy too.

After our parasailing adventure, we headed down the beach to a spot known as the Black Rock, in front of the Sheraton Hotel.  This spot is known for great snorkeling and cliff diving.  The beach is perfect for tanning too.  We had rented some snorkel gear from Boss Frogs, and I was excited to get in the water.  Literally within a few steps of the beach, we saw a huge turtle.  It swam right up to us!  So close that we had to make sure not to hit it.  It was awesome! 

We continued our adventure heading out to the end of Black Rock where we saw many colourful fish.  The water was warm and did not have a strong current, so I felt safe.  We lucked out and saw a stingray and a shark, but they were down on the bottom and just swam out for a brief period, so I never felt frightened.  I was just so excited to see them.

Once we finished snorkeling, the guys decided that they wanted to try cliff diving.  Neither of us ladies were interested, so we stayed on the beach and took some pictures.  The walk up is on really sharp rock, and looked pretty steep, but they both made it up, and down safely.  They both enjoyed it so much that they decided to do it again.  I was happy when they were both safely back on dry land!

We had such an amazing day at Kaanapali!  We will definatley remember these experiences for years to come!  Day 4 is full of amazing views on the Road to Hana, so stay tuned!

Have you ever been to Kaanapali?  If so, what was your favourite thing to do.  If not, what is the most extreme activity that you have ever done?

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