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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Maui Day 4: The Road to Hana

I had been looking forward to our trip along the road to Hāna since I started planning our trip.  The road is extremely narrow and is comprised of 620 curves and 59 bridges, most of which are only one lane wide.  Along the way, there are amazing panoramic views of Maui’s east coast, along with miles of lush tropical rainforest that are dotted with waterfalls.

Along the way, you will find an amazing variety of flora.  The colours are amazing, and so unique!

The Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

The road is along the coast for much of the time, and the views are breathtaking!  Make sure to take some time to stop at the pull outs and enjoy the amazing scenery!

View of the shoreline from the side of the road.

There are so many amazing waterfalls along the way.  It is definately worth the drive.  Some of them are open to swimming, but not all, so make sure to observe the signs.

The following photos are from my favourite stop, Wai'anapanapa Park.  We enjoyed our picnic lunch here and walked around the area enjoying the many views.  Make sure that you do not miss this spot!  If you didn't pack a lunch, stop by one of the road side stands and get some banana bread for a snack.  It sure is tasty!

Yes, that is a Black Sand Beach!

From here we continued down the road and stopped at a few more beaches...

Kaihalulu beach

The guys had a blast in the water at Hamoa Beach.

I highly recommend the Road to Hana to anyone that is travelling to Maui. Make sure to get an early start so that you have lots of time to stop and enjoy the views.  If you are taking a rental car, note that you may not be allowed to make the entire trip, as some of the roads are dirt, but you can always turn around and go back the way you came from, as most tourists do.  We made the loop, and had no problems, but I would recommend talking to locals to make sure the roads are not washed out anywhere along the way.  The roads are narrow, and some of the cliffs are steep, but the views were great, and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

If you are planning a trip to Maui and debating about driving the road to Hana, think no more- DO IT!  If you do not feel comfortable driving on your own, there are numerous tour buses that you can go with. 

What is the craziest road that you have ever driven on?

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